Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It was a weekend devoted to self study and a rest. Yup, probably thats what I need these days, a lot of rest. I have been getting a feeling of being burnt out from work and it really feels great to recharge over the weekend. How I wish the weekend could be longer. If you ask me, a day and a half isnt quite enough to recharge the energy we use during the week. It really drains me throughout the week but a day and half is better than no rest at all I've been trying my hands on PERL CGI programming lately and somehow i am getting favorable results in my attempt considering I have no programming background or education.

I've doing a lot of reading on this and tryin my hands at coding and somehow its getting me somewhere. When I get stuck with something, Rey (my officemate and longtime friend) is always there to give some answers and enlightenment on my questions. Rey is in Gansbaii at the moment but he will be returning. I hope he's having a great time as i heard that place is excellent. That's what's keeping me stuck to some books right now on this subject. I am just happy that I do see some results surfacing after giving in much of the time and effort on this ... but man .. it is still a long way to making it a reality but at least it is getting me somewhere. I've been getting a lot of junkmail lately and it's really annoying. Mails like "Viagra for sale, Increase your performance ...etc etch" those kinds of email. I dont think clicking the "unsubscribe" or "remove me" works ... this is really very annoying which eats up a lot of my mail resources.